Retirement Tip: Bears and Coolers

I have just spent 15 minutes watching grizzly bears attempting – and in some cases succeeding – to open coolers and garbage cans and food bins designed to be “bear proof”. It’s part of an effort to keep other bears from getting into trouble and then killed for it. I know no other way to spend a Saturday morning. (I lied blatantly just there. I’ll let you know when I do that.) (Sometimes.)

I did watch bears, because that was part of a Toronto Star TOUCH (TM) iPad-friendly online publication that is not a newspaper. I want a newspaper. I will end up buying newsprint this afternoon, but Post Media’s coverage of London and my new home, Sarnia, is not the same as a full Saturday Star, or a full Sunday Star (replete with NYTimes Book Reviews and News Supplement). Should you like the Globe, I admit to reading that on newsprint this week. It is fine.

CBC News online/mobile-friendly has been keeping me informed of the big and small world as best it can since I moved here and abandoned the pleasure of home-delivered information, but there is no Heather Mallick. There is no Op-Ed page or letters to editors. There is no depth or breadth of the kind I crave. I don’t want a 6 minute read, kids. I want complexity and interconnectivity and opportunities for pondering, synthesis, knowledge acquisition, opinion-forming and opinion-changing. I want the joy of a full newspaper.

Apparently, I cannot buy it without the actual newsprint. I will look into this again, but my first foray left me puzzled. I want to pay for news, and read it on my *new! *wonderful! iPad! I am a kind of reading dinosaur, and should, apparently, be more evolving-rat-like: stealing, instead of paying for something of immense value. I don’t want the paper paper. I do want Canadian news and news with a Canadian perspective, preferably Southern Ontario centred.

It may be too much to ask.

Time to check out the webpage that shows me what ships are here, and which are passing through.

Beats unpacking.

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