Grand Bend, Mind Bend, Grand Day

According to Google maps, it’s 73 kilometres to Grand Bend from my place, so I drove twice that this morning on my weekly tour of southern Lake Huron environs. For most of the way, I listened to CBC Radio One, and am better educated on:

– the reaction of Canadians, especially Quebec Muslims interviewed for the radio, about the murders of six men in the Quebec mosque by another pale-skinned non-Muslim angry young man; the need for Quebec to acknowledge its changing demography; and the continuing hope we have as a people that we will be better than this – that we must be better than this one small evil man’s stupidity and hatred – always.

– interpretations of George Orwell’s “1984” in light of the first days of Donald *rump’s lunatic, lying kleptocracy (my description, not theirs); the optimistic outcomes that can be taken from the novel; and the perspectives of two very erudite and articulate literature experts on the value and re-evaluation of Orwell the man and the recent, sudden renewed interest in his dark vision of a hyper-controlled and repressed society. Very cogent expressions about the divisions in the American populace, where non-urban areas have suffered more from globalization, and the observation that social media has helped isolate people from other groups and individuals, so that exposure to varying ideas in daily life among people you know has decreased tremendously. Points of view are now stretched to ends of the spectrum, leading to less respect for conversation and understanding. Comments on the vilification of Hillary Clinton, who served her government well, and the pernicious use of language used during *rump’s campaign to dismiss her value as a good public servant, a leader, and a woman.

– corporate America’s responses to the new government in Washington, in view of what ideological and social mores and changes corporations can or should be expected to fulfil – if any – and a comparison of those with the functions and roles of good government; and Canadian corporations’ cautious slowness in reacting to Washington since January 20, as evinced by a lack of Canadian corporate representation on the radio panel.

Finally, the “Bend” of my drive to Grand Bend: CBC Radio gave a short synopsis of David Frum’s recent writing in The Atlantic Magazine, after which I must confess I agree with him. There’s a shivering timber moment! He described the current administration in Washington as being desirous only of personal financial gain. And now I must go read what this arch-conservative, once the beloved of the Republican Party, bemoans about the Orange One and His Bunch of Ill-educated Pirates. It may hurt me, and I’m a little scared, but I was impressed and glad he’d written what he did, and so shall find out more.

Grand Bend, like all towns propped up by summer populations, has a distinct beauty in the quiet of winter.

The water looks particularly cold on a very cold, windy day, but the colours of the place are magnificent.

And I’m not the only one to take a look out over the lake from the warmth of my car.

The car is great, the winter tires are great, the rock stations were playing good driving, sing-along tunes during the news segments, so I didn’t have to listen to what horrible things are spewing from D.C. thus far today, and the CBC was great, too.

I spent too much money at the Super Store, but what a sale they had. What a place. I’ve got a barbecued chicken, I’ve got a fresh, half of a steelhead salmon for less than $10, and I bought a roast beef (small)(for under $13!). Chicken for sandwiches and spaghetti with alfredo sauce. Salmon to cut up and freeze. Beef for Sunday, for which I must bake bread!!

And two very nice bed pillows. Because the Real Canadian Superstore was selling one for $12, two for one dollar more.

If you knew what giggly joy I get just throwing stuff in the car, you’d want to distill it and keep it all for yourself. It’s so much fun! So common, so run of the mill, and so wonderful.

Four months in to my new life in a new place. Hurray!

17 Things About the Tr*mp Presidency, on November 9, 2016

1. I’m Canadian. It was eggs or oatmeal for breakfast this morning, and I chose eggs. Celebratory scrambled eggs. Calm joy surrounds me this morning, simply because I am not an American.

2. There ain’t no end to stupid. Wait and see.

3. Empires fall. Sometimes they fall because a stupid, nasty clown isn’t stopped in time. Clowns draw more clowns to them. Sadly, some clowns are marauding Orcs. Sometimes even Orc-infested empires rebound and get back to business and shake off the interruption. Sometimes.

4. Russia (Vladimir Putin) is happy, because Donald Tr*mp is such a bumptious unsophisticate.

5. China is happier. They, apparently, hold Donald’s loans. No telling what he’ll do for them now.

6. “No new taxes. Read my lips.” You reap what you sow. Hey, Congress. You reap. Reap, reap.

7. This is what happens when you deregulate banking. This is what happens when you let bankers bet on bets and compete to bet on those bets, and don’t jail anybody for the thefts and resulting economic crashes.

7a. Money, celebrity, celebrity, money. Fluff. What IS the cost of a pound of butter?

8. My antidepressant medications, in combination, are marvellous. I’m taking Citalopram and a generic Wellbutrin (bupropion?) in combination, and for the first time in my life, I feel like myself, unshadowed. Since January! I checked the American election results when I woke up at 6:15 this morning, and said, “Huh.” If you are carrying anxiety and/or depression, don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up – it could take YEARS AND YEARS – until you can acknowledge Donald Tr*mp actually has a job now, and that job is to replace Barack Obama, and you don’t throw up.

9. Some Americans have a nasty, nasty side. The entire world has known this forever. Now we see the blatant hate of a lot of ordinary, small people, and for absolutely no reason except fear of the unknown, and fear of loss of privilege many of them have never really had. If you’re African-American, Latino or Latina, Asian, not “Christian”, Jewish, Muslim, LGBTQ, First Nations, environmentalist, educated, liberal, erudite, travelled, working for the common good, or – oh, ho! – an injured war vet, elderly, ill, or THE WORST THING EVER, a “less than 10” woman, you’ve got your job cut out for you for at least four years. Amazingly, the suffering Tr*mp supporters have inflicted on themselves may be a good thing in the long run.

10. All that money Americans didn’t spend on education will be spent settling lawsuits later.

11. Many so-called “banana republics” have many lovely, hard-working, kind, middle-class people who are educated and dedicated to “lifting everyone’s boat”. Those of you who hoped Hillary Clinton would be your President are now those people. The world knows you’re there. Fix this mess.

12. All hail, the Free Press! Journalists, your prospects have changed. The opportunities that have arisen overnight could revolutionize news. Do your jobs. Report, illustrate, show, draw, satirize, accuse, prove, and prosecute. Leave no stone unturned. Light! Information! Awareness! Work! Change for good! Otherwise: Turkey. (There are great journalists in Turkey. Many of them are in horrible jails. Ditto, Iran. Don’t get me going, the geography is unending. In Russia, they’re dead.)(Don’t mention China. They’re holding Donald’s loans.) Journalists! We expect investigative reports indicting these recently elected liars and criminals IMMEDIATELY. 

12a.I confess to knowing nothing about Keith OLBERMANN prior to his GQ “The Closer” broadcasts, which I have watched with awe and admiration over the last two months on YouTube. I want to see a lot more of that, from a lot more news sources. Unabashed, logical, heartfelt truths. Spoken out loud, accusatorily, in expectation of an intelligent (however unlikely) response. There must be backlash against people who wear “Killary” tee shirts, and are happy a grotesque pussy-grabber is entrusted with the highest political office in your land. 

13. A Toronto Star reporter, Danial Dale, recently numerated most of Tr*mp’s “mistruths”. That word makes me sad.

14. I used to live in Toronto. Rob Ford is dead now, and his Mayorlty long gone. Toronto survived. 

15. Germany survived. Maybe America needs to be that embarrassed, but why endure the costs?

16. Jesus, the mythological, weeps. Maybe. The American Tr*mp Jesus is in a solid gold bed with a pile of coke and a couple of underage wh-

Wait a minute!

Jesus, the real guy, whatever his real name was, never voted, and he’s dead so we can’t ask him what he thinks, BUT he was a Jew and he didn’t like the rich much. Hmmmn.

17. This OxyContin/fentanyl thing may just sort itself out whe Tr*mp voters find out their lives and their economic prospects just got worse.

Of course that is heartless. Did anyone ever say the orange sociopath was kind?

17a. Bourgeois Americans, or any Americans with stuff that can be stolen by drug addicts, ought to be afraid. Health care, such as it is, is probably going to be dismantled for the underclasses.

18. I am a kind of alien. I’m not an imposter, like Tr*mp, because I’ve earned my social, educational and economic status, such as it is. But I originate, in part, from people very similar to Tr*mp supporters, and I can tell you now, you middle-class Americans, you are probably in for a load of shock after shock after shock. You thought “pussy” was vulgar? You’ve just turned the kitchen light on four kinds of cockroaches, flea-laden mice and cupboards full of plague-carrying rats. And the smell?!? The garbage? The shit? This man, this person who will sit in the White House, his supporters have WON. These are the kinds of folks who are going to beat you with that information.

19. Four years only, please. The whole world, and many of your fellow Americans, hope four years is enough.

20. Jesse Jackson wasn’t the man. Barack Obama was the man. Hillary Clinton wasn’t the woman. Someone will be the woman. Yes, she will.

21. I lied. What are you going to do about it?